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You can quickly repeat information or complete a pattern in a spreadsheet by using autofill.

Autofill on a computer

  1. Open a spreadsheet.
  2. Start adding a pattern of numbers or dates to a column or row.
  3. Highlight the cells. A small blue box appears in the lower-right corner.
  4. Click the blue box and drag it to select more cells where you want your data or text to repeat.

If a pattern is recognized in the data or text of the selected cells, autofill adds in the remaining items to complete the pattern. If autofill doesn't recognize a pattern, it will just repeat the content that was highlighted.

See an example

In the example shown here, autofill finishes the pattern by including Thursday, Friday, Saturday, etc.



Note: When dragging the blue box, you can only select those cells that are directly above, beneath, or beside the highlighted cells.


Autofill on mobile

  1. In the Sheets app, open a spreadsheet.
  2. Add data or text to a column.
  3. Touch a cell in the column to select it and drag the corner to select both the cells you filled in and the cells where you want your data or text to repeat.
  4. Touch the column again to open a menu.
  5. Touch Autofill. You may need to touch the More icon to see the option.
  6. The selected cells will automatically follow the original pattern.
See an example

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