Accept and present audience questions

You can start a live Q&A session in your Google Slides presentation and present questions at any time. Viewers can ask questions from any device.

Start a Q&A session

Accept audience questions

  1. Present from your iPhone or iPad to another screen.
  2. At the top right, tap Show Q&A Q&A:
    • To start a new session, tap Start new.
    • To resume a recent session, tap Continue recent.
    • To end Q&A, at the top right, tap the on/off switch.
      • Tip: Even if you don't turn off Q&A, the Q&A view closes shortly after you end your Google Slide presentation.

Show audience questions

Presenters can display audience questions in a presentation:

  1. At top right, tap Show Q&A Q&A.
  2. Tap a question to display:
    • To change the question, tap a different question.
    • To hide the question, tap the check mark next to the question.

Ask a question

Audience members can ask questions during a presentation:

  1. Go to the link at the top of the presentation.
  2. Tap Ask a question… and type a question.
    • Audience members have the option to check the box "Ask anonymously."
  3. Tap Submit.

Vote on questions

Signed-in audience members can vote on questions to be answered:

  1. Go to the link at the top of the presentation.
  2. Below the question you'd like to vote on, tap Up vote Upvote or Down vote Downvote.
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