Converts a numeric value to a different unit of measure.

Sample Usage

CONVERT(5.1, "g", "kg")

CONVERT(32, "C", "F")

CONVERT(35.7, "in^2", "m^2")



CONVERT(value, start_unit, end_unit)

  • value - the numeric value in start_unit to convert to end_unit

  • start_unit - The starting unit, the unit currently assigned to value .

  • end_unit - The unit of measure into which to convert value.


  • The following list outlines the available unit conversions by category:

    • Weight - u, grain, g, ozm, lbm, stone, sg, cwt, uk_cwt, ton, uk_ton

    • Distance - ang, Picapt, pica, in, ft, yd, m, ell, mi, survey_mi Nmi, ly, parsec

    • Time - sec, min, hr, day, yr

    • Pressure - Pa, mmHg, Torr, psi, atm

    • Force - dyn, pond, N, lbf

    • Energy - eV, e, J, flb, c, cal, BTU, Wh, HPh

    • Power - W, PS, HP

    • Magnetism - ga, T

    • Temperature - C, F, K, Rank, Reau

    • Volume - ang^3, Picapt^3, tsp, tspm, tbs, in^3, oz, cup, pt, uk_pt, qt, l, uk_qt, gal, uk_gal, ft^3, bushel, barrel, yd^3, m^3, MTON, GRT, mi^3, Nmi^3, ly^3

    • Area - ang^2, Picapt^2, in^2, ft^2, yd^2, m^2,ar, Morgen,uk_acre, us_acre, ha, mi^2, Nmi^2, ly^2

    • Information - bit, byte

    • Speed - m/hr, mph, kn, admkn, m/s


  • The use of CONVERT between two different categories of start_unit and end_unit will result in an error. For example, CONVERT(13.2,"ft","C") would result in an error as a result of an attempted conversion from distance units to temperature units.

See Also

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TIMEVALUE: Returns the fraction of a 24-hour day the time represents.


The following example shows CONVERT between different sample start_unit and end_unit arguments.

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