Suggest edits in Google Docs

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You can suggest changes to a document without changing the original text. If the owner approves your suggestions, they replace the original text.

Suggest changes to a file

  1. On your computer, open a document at
    • In the top right, if you don’t see "Suggesting," click Editing and then Suggesting. If you don’t see this option, ask the file owner to let you suggest changes.
  2. Edit the document.
    • You’ll see your change in a new color. Anything you delete will be crossed out.
    • To add more detail, click your suggestion and type a comment. Then click Reply.
  3. The owner of the file will get an email about your suggestions and can decide whether to keep them.

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Accept or reject suggestions

Accept suggestions one by one

  1. On your computer, open a document at
  2. Choose a comment.
  3. Click Accept  ​ or Reject .

To see all edits, go to the top right and click Comments.

Accept or reject all suggestions

  1. On your computer, open a document at
  2. Click Tools and then Review suggested edits.
  3. A box will appear in the top right.
  4. To preview what your document will look like with or without the changes, click the Down arrow Down arrow and choose an option.
  5. Click Accept all or Reject all.

Manage your suggestions

Let others suggest changes

People can suggest edits when you give them permission to comment on or edit your document.

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Import a document with tracked changes

When you convert files between Google Docs editors and Microsoft Office:

  • Any tracked changes in Microsoft Office become suggestions in Google Docs editors.
  • Any suggestions in Google Docs editors become tracked changes in Microsoft Office.

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