Change locale, time zone, and recalculation settings

Any editor can change the locale settings for a spreadsheet. Doing so will change the spreadsheet's default currency, date format and number formatting. Note that when this change is made, it's changed across the spreadsheet and impacts everyone working on it, regardless of where they are.

Change locale and time zone

If you're an owner or editor, you can change the locale and time zone by following these steps:

  1. Open a spreadsheet.
  2. Click File > Spreadsheet settings.
  3. Choose your settings from the “Locale” and “Time zone” dropdown menus.
  4. Click Save settings.
Changing the locale of a spreadsheet doesn’t change your language setting in Sheets. You can set your own language preference by changing your Google Drive settings.

Change recalculation settings

You can change how often some Sheets functions are updated in the new Google Sheets, including the NOW and RAND functions.

  1. Open a spreadsheet.
  2. Click File > Spreadsheet settings.
  3. Under “Recalculation”, choose a setting from the dropdown.
  4. Click Save settings.

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