Change row height and column width

To change row height or column width, follow these instructions:

  1. Place your cursor at the outlying border, next to either the number or label, of the row or column you'd like to re-size.
  2. Adjust your cursor so that it rests on the dividing line between the row or column you'd like to change, and the next row or column. When this is done, your cursor will turn into a double-sided arrow.
  3. Left-click your mouse and drag the arrow in the direction you'd like your row or column to expand or contract.

You can also resize rows or columns using your right-click menu. Follow these instructions:


resize column menu

  1. Make a selection of rows or columns by clicking on the row or column label (ex: Column A or Row 12) and dragging your cursor to where you'd like to end the selection. Alternatively, you can click on a row or column label and use the Shift + arrow keys to complete the selection.
    • If you would like to select all columns in your spreadsheet, select Column A and press Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow.
    • If you would like to select all rows in your spreadsheet, select Row 1 and press Ctrl + Shift + Down.
  2. Using your mouse, right-click anywhere in the selection and select Resize columns... or Resize rows... from the menu.
  3. Enter a new size in the Input box, and click OK. (The current size of the first row or column in the selection is the value already in the input box.)
This feature isn't currently available on mobile devices.

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