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Create a series of numbers

To create a series of numbers in a spreadsheet column, follow these instructions:
  1. Type the first number of the series into a cell. For this example, say we enter a number into cell D9.
  2. One cell below this, enter the formula, =D9+1 or =D9-1, depending on whether you want the series to increase or decrease. Replace "D9" with the cell in which you entered the first number, and "1" with whatever number you'd like the series increased/decreased by.
  3. Select the cell into which you entered the formula, and click the small blue square in the lower-right corner of the cell. Drag your mouse down until the selected number of cells is highlighted.
  4. Once you have highlighted the desired column of cells, click Ctrl+D.
  5. A series of numbers will now be created in the selected cells.

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