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Hiding rows and columns

You can now hide both rows and columns in your spreadsheets.

Hiding and unhiding rows

To hide a row, right-click the number of the row to highlight the entire row. Select Hide row from the drop-down menu. An icon appears over the hidden row, and the row's number is no longer visible.

To unhide a row, just click the icon and the row reappears on the spreadsheet.

Hiding and unhiding columns

To hide a column, right-click the letter of the column to highlight the entire column. Select Hide column from the drop-down menu. An icon appears, showing the letter of the column that's been hidden. If you have two or more adjacent columns hidden, the icon will show the range of letters, such as B-E.

To unhide a column, click the letter icon and the column reappears.

To hide multiple, adjacent rows or columns all at once, follow these steps:

  1. Click the row number or column letter of the first row/column you want to hide. The row/column is highlighted.
  2. Press and hold Shift on your keyboard while clicking the last row number or column letter you want to hide.
    All rows or columns in the range are highlighted.
  3. Right-click anywhere in the highlighted range, and choose Hide rows from the drop-down menu.

To unhide several hidden rows or columns all at once, just highlight the range and select Unhide rows/columns. For example, if you have columns C and H hidden, you can select columns B-I, right-click anywhere in the selected range, and choose Unhide columns. All hidden columns in the range will reappear.

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