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Edit and format a spreadsheet

You can add data to a spreadsheet, then edit or format the cells and data.

Edit data in a cell

  1. Open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  2. Click a cell that’s empty, or double-click a cell that isn’t empty.
  3. Start typing.
  4. Optional: To add another line within a cell, press ⌘ + Enter on a Mac or Ctrl + Enter on Windows.
  5. When you’re done, press Enter.

Format one or more cells

  1. Open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  2. Click a cell, then drag your mouse across nearby cells you want to select, or hold on a Mac or Ctrl on Windows and click another cell.
  3. To format text or numbers in a cell, use the options in the toolbar at the top.

Format your data

Here are some options for formatting your cells or text. You can find these options above the document.

  • Undo Undo
  • Redo Redo
  • Bold Bold
  • Italic Italic
  • Strikethrough Strikethrough
  • Change font or font size
  • Color text Change text color
  • Color fill Change cell fill color
    • Single color
    • Alternating colors
  • Cell border Change cell borders
    • Border color Change border color
    • Border thickness Change border style
  • Merge cells Merge cells
  • Change horizontal text alignment
  • Change vertical text alignment
  • Rotate text in a cell
  • Wrap text in a cell

To format part of the text or content in a cell, double-click the cell, select what you want to format, then select a formatting option.

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