Calculates the probability for Student's t-distribution with a given input (x).

Sample Usage

TDIST(A2, 30, 1)

TDIST(0.5, 1, 2)


TDIST(x, degrees_freedom, tails)

  • x - The input to the t-distribution function.
  • degrees_freedom - The number of degrees of freedom.
  • tails - Specifies whether the calculated distribution will be one- or two-sided. (1 for one-tailed distributions, 2 for two-tailed distributions).

See Also

NOMDIST: The NORMDIST function returns the value of the normal distribution function (or normal cumulative distribution function) for a specified value, mean, and standard deviation.

BINOMDIST: Calculates the probability of drawing a certain number of successes (or a maximum number of successes) in a certain number of tries given a population of a certain size containing a certain number of successes, with replacement of draws.

EXPONDIST: Returns the value of the exponential distribution function with a specified lambda at a specified value.

NEGBINOMDIST: Calculates the probability of drawing a certain number of failures before a certain number of successes given a probability of success in independent trials.

PROB: Given a set of values and corresponding probabilities, calculates the probability that a value chosen at random falls between two limits.

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