Creates a hyperlink inside a cell.

Sample Usage



HYPERLINK(url, [link_label])

  • url - The full URL of the link location enclosed in quotation marks, or a reference to a cell containing such a URL.

    • Only certain link types are allowed. http://, https://, mailto:, aim:, ftp://, gopher://, telnet://, and news:// are permitted; others are explicitly forbidden. If another protocol is specified, link_label will be displayed in the cell, but will not be hyperlinked.

    • If no protocol is specified, http:// is assumed, and is prepended to url.

  • link_label - [ OPTIONAL - url by default ] - The text to display in the cell as the link, enclosed in quotation marks, or a reference to a cell containing such a label.

    • If link_label is a reference to an empty cell, url will be displayed as a link if valid, or as plain text otherwise.

    • If link_label is the empty string literal (""), the cell will appear empty, but the link is still accessible by clicking or moving to the cell.


  • Failure to enclose url (or link_label, if provided) in quotation marks will cause an error.

  • Google Sheets automatically converts most valid URL types when typed into a cell without the need to use this function.


Creates a hyperlink inside the cell for specified cell_text.

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