Converts an hour, minute, and second into a time.

Sample Usage




TIME(hour, minute, second)

  • hour - The hour component of the time.

  • minute - The minute component of the time.

  • second - The second component of the time.


  • Inputs to TIME must be numbers - if a string or a reference to a cell containing a string is provided, the #VALUE! error will be returned.

  • TIME will silently recalculate numeric time values which fall outside of valid ranges. For example, TIME(25,0,0), which specifies the illegal hour 25, will create a time of 1:00 AM. Similarly, TIME(12,0,60), which specifies the illegal 61st second of a minute (:00 being the first second), will create a time of 12:01:00.

  • TIME will silently truncate decimal values input into the function, e.g. an hour of 12.75 will be interpreted as 12.

See Also

DATE: Converts a year, month, and day into a date.


Returns the time value from specified hours, minutes and seconds.

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