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View and create spreadsheets on your iPhone or iPad

This article describes the latest version of the Sheets app for iOS. To download the Sheets app, or upgrade to the latest version, download an update from the App Store.

View spreadsheets

With the Sheets app, you can view Google Sheets files that you’ve created or opened on any device, as well as other spreadsheets like Microsoft® Excel files.

Simply touch the name of a spreadsheet in the Sheets app to open and view it.

If someone else is working on the spreadsheet, you’ll also see changes being made.

You can’t currently view spreadsheet charts and images with the Sheets app.

Different ways to view spreadsheets

To more easily find your spreadsheets, you can change the way you view files in the Sheets app:

  1. Open the Sheets app.
  2. Touch the navigation panel on the left-hand side.
  3. Choose the way you want to see files using one of the options below:
    View Notes
    • All private and shared spreadsheets that you’ve opened with the most recent at the top
    Shared with me
    • Spreadsheets that have been shared with you. By touching the menu button next to a file in Shared with me, you can perform a number of actions including:
      • Share
      • Download
      • Move to a folder in Drive
      • Print
      • Remove
    • Add a spreadsheet to "My Drive" by touching the Add to My Drive icon .
    • Spreadsheets that you have starred as important
    On device
    • Spreadsheets you’ve made available to view offline on your iPhone or iPad

Create spreadsheets

To create a new spreadsheet:

  1. Open the Sheets app.
  2. Touch the + button in the bottom-right corner of the app.
  3. A new Google Sheets file will automatically open.

Once you’ve created a new spreadsheet, you can find it in these other places:

Rename a spreadsheet

To rename the spreadsheet, touch its title > type the new name > select OK.

Save a spreadsheet

If you’ve created a spreadsheet using Google Sheets, your changes will automatically be saved.

If you’re editing an Excel® spreadsheet, touch the back button in the top-left corner of the app when you’re editing to save your changes.

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