Appeal a violation

If you've received a violation notice in error, you can submit an appeal of the violation report.

When something in your Google Drive is either in violation of Google's Terms of Service or program policies or attached to a disabled Google Account, you'll see a violation notice instead of the Google Doc or file itself. This notice appears regardless of whether you own the Google Doc or file or someone else shared it with you.

In order to reverse the violation on something before it’s permanently removed, submit an appeal of the violation report or fix your disabled account.

Terms of Service and program policy violations

Violations are typically reported by others or through automated scanning. However, you can appeal violations reported in error.

If you own the Google Doc or file that’s been reported as a violation, click the Appeal button on the doc or file (recommended) or post in the Help Forum. If someone else shared the item with you, ask the owner to sign in and appeal the violation.

Allow approximately 24 hours from the time you submit the report to receive a response. Your report of abuse doesn’t guarantee removal of the item or any other action on Google’s part. Material which you disagree with or deem inappropriate is not always a violation of Google’s Terms of Service or program policies.

Content that’s still found to violate Google’s Terms of Service or program policies after the appeal process is complete will be deleted within 30 days of the final decision.

Disabled accounts

If your account is temporarily or permanently disabled, try resolving your account issues in the Google Accounts Help Center.

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