Keyboard modifiers

There are many useful features available if you use keyboard modifiers when performing other actions. Here are some examples:

Moving or dragging

  • Turn off guides or snap to grid and smoothly drag your object: hold the Alt key (Option key on Mac) while dragging an object.
  • Restrict to vertical or horizontal dragging: hold the Shift key while dragging.
  • Nudge an object in 1 pixel increments: hold the Shift key while moving an object with the arrow keys.
  • Create a duplicate of an object while leaving the original in place: hold the Ctrl key while moving an object.


  • Preserve an object's aspect ratio while resizing: hold the Shift key while resizing an object.


  • Rotate in 15 degree increments: hold the Shift key while rotating an object.
See all Google Drawings keyboard shortcuts.

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