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Insert a drawing into another doc type

If you want to insert a drawing into another file, for example Google Docs, you can use the web clipboard to copy a Google Drawing and paste it elsewhere.

  1. Sign in to Drive at
  2. Open a drawing.
  3. Click the Edit menu.
  4. Hover over “Web clipboard” and select Copy entire drawing to web clipboard.
  5. Open the Google Doc or Slide where you want to insert the drawing.
  6. Click the Edit menu > Hover over “Web clipboard” > Click the drawing name.
  7. A copy of your drawing has been added to the file.

In Google Slides, you can also easily copy the drawing by clicking Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C on your keyboard (Cmd+A and Cmd+C on a Mac) and pasting it onto a slide using Ctrl+V (Cmd+V).

Once the drawing has been pasted, you can’t share the pasted version as a separate file. However, you can use the web clipboard again to copy and paste the drawing back into Google Drawings to be shared.

Editing a copy of a drawing

Copying a drawing to a different file creates a copy of the original drawing. Edits made to either the original or the copy do not automatically apply to the other.

Minor edits are supported via the “Edit” link that appears when you click on the copy of your drawing. To make significant edits to a drawing copied into another file, you'll want to go back to the drawing editor, make edits and copy/paste in a new version.

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