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Add and view speaker notes

Speaker notes help you remember your notes and talking points while you’re presenting. To display or add these notes below each slide in Google Slides, go to the View menu, and select Show speaker notes. Any person with view access to the presentation will be able to view these notes. Any person with edit access to the presentation will be able to view and edit these notes.

When you’re done creating your presentation and adding speaker notes, you’ll be able to view your completed speaker notes while you're in presentation mode. To view your speaker notes in presentation mode, select the gear icon in the menu in the bottom left of your presentation and select Open speaker notes.

This opens a separate speaker notes window that allows the presenter to guide the presentation while viewing his or her notes. If you’d like to keep these notes private while you’re presenting, make sure that you project only the presentation slides.

speaker notes

Speaker notes show on the right hand side of the window under the slide number. You can always press the Esc key to close out of the speaker notes window and exit presentation mode.

Use the slide drop-down menu to manually move to another slide within the presentation. Use the plus and minus buttons in the upper right to zoom in and out of the speaker notes.

The timer in the bottom left of the speaker notes window to keep track of the time you’ve spent presenting, or how much time you’ve spent on a specific slide. You can pause or reset this timer by clicking the Pause and Reset buttons.

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