Customize a slide with layouts and themes

To customize a presentation and tailor it to your particular audience, you can use themes and background images.

Add a theme

To change or add a theme to your presentation:

  1. Open a presentation.
  2. Open the Slide menu.
  3. Select Change theme.
  4. Select the theme you want to use, and it will automatically be applied to all of the slides in your presentation.
  5. Add a background image

    You can customize your slides using an image that’s saved to your computer. Background images can be applied to a single slide or to all of the slides in your presentation.

    To add a background image:

    1. Open a presentation and select a slide.
    2. Click the Slide menu > Change background.
    3. In the window that appears, click Choose next to "Image."
    4. Find or upload an image you want to add to the background.
    5. You'll go back to the "Background" window where you can apply the background image to the theme for all the slides in your presentation or add a background color.
    6. Click Done.

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