Select and manipulate multiple objects

Press the Shift key and drag your mouse to select multiple objects. Only the objects that are completely within the selected area will be highlighted in yellow.

If you've already selected an object and would like to deselect it, hold the Shift key while clicking the object.

Want to add a shape to your selection? Simply press Shift while you drag your mouse over this shape.

After selecting multiple objects, you can align them in a variety of ways by right-clicking any of the objects and pointing your mouse to the Align option. You can also do this from the Arrange menu. If you've selected three or more objects, you'll be able to evenly distribute the space between them horizontally or vertically by selecting Arrange > Distribute.

You can maintain this association by right-clicking any of the objects and selecting Group, or by clicking Arrange > Group in the drawings toolbar. When objects are grouped, you can manipulate all of the objects in the group as if they were a single object. All of the actions that can be performed on a single object can be done to all objects in the group at the same time.

Here are some actions you can take on all objects that have been selected:

  • Move the objects with either your mouse or the arrow keys
  • Resize
  • Copy and paste
  • Delete
  • Order
  • Rotate and flip
  • Align

You can also press Ctrl+A to select all objects, Ctrl+G to group, and Ctrl+Shift+G to ungroup. If you're on a Mac, press Cmd+A to select all objects, Cmd+G to group, and Cmd+Shift+G to ungroup.

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