Merge cells and wrap text

You can combine cells together in documents, spreadsheets, or presentations by merging them.

Merge cells in a spreadsheet

To merge cells horizontally or vertically in a spreadsheet, select the cells you'd like to merge and click the Merge icon in the toolbar. 

From the Merge drop-down menu, select from the following options:

  • Select Merge all to merge all selected cells into one cell.
  • Select Merge cells horizontally to merge the cells in each selected row.
  • Select Merge cells vertically to merge the cells in each selected column.

If you'd like to unmerge a selected range of cells, simply click the merge icon in the toolbar or click the arrow to the right of the icon and select Unmerge.

Merge cells in a document or presentation

In a document or a presentation, you can combine cells in a table by merging them.

  1. Open a document or presentation.
  2. Highlight the cells of a table that you want to combine.
  3. Open the Table menu.
  4. Select Merge cells.
  5. To unmerge the cells, open the Table menu > choose Unmerge cells.

Wrap or clip text

In a spreadsheet, text that is longer than its cell will overflow into the cell next to it if it's empty, making the full text visible. If the adjoining cells are already full, your text will be clipped off in order to fit. But you can wrap your text onto a second line in your cells, or clip your text, at any point.

  1. Open a spreadsheet and highlight the cells with text you want to wrap or clip.
  2. Click the Format menu.
  3. Hover over Text wrapping.
  4. From the options, choose to either wrap, clip, or overflow your text. The options are also available using the following icons in the toolbar:
    • Overflow
    • Wrap
    • Clip
  5. The cells you selected will automatically adjust the text.

Note: If you don’t see a checkmark in the bottom right of your spreadsheet, you’re using an old version of Google Sheets and text within a cell is wrapped by default. To turn text wrapping on and off, simply click the wrap text icon .