Combo chart

A combo chart lets you display each data series as a different marker type, such as column, line, or area line.

Data Format

The top row of your data set will be the labels for the X-axis of your combo chart. The first column will be the labels for each data series (row) in your data set. The remaining cells should be filled with the data points you'd like to display on your chart. Keep in mind that the top left cell will always be ignored.

Here's an example showing the monthly coffee production by country in tons:

Creating a combo chart

To create a combo chart from your data set, select Insert > Chart. In the charts dialog, click the Charts tab, then click Line. Select the combo chart option. In the Customize tab, choose how you’d like to display each data series. Here, you can check the box next to maximize to eliminate whitespace and bring additional focus to the data in your chart. Click Insert, and your chart will be inserted into your spreadsheet.

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