Use enhanced Smart Fill with AI in Google Sheets (Workspace Labs)

Important: This article is referring to Google Workspace Labs, which is a trusted tester program for users to try new AI features. The Workspace Labs program is currently available to trusted testers in US English, and may not be available in your country. To check if you have access to Workspace Labs program features, open a new sheet on Google Sheets and look for “Help me organize” sidebar on the right side of the sheet

On Google Sheets, enhanced Smart Fill suggestions can make manual text processing tasks easier for you by automatically detecting the relationship between incomplete column pairs and using AI to predict the remaining values, allowing them to be instantly filled.

This feature is currently available on desktop.

How Labs program data in Google Sheets is collected

When you use enhanced Smart Fill in Google Sheets, Google uses and stores your data in accordance with the Google Workspace Labs Privacy Notice and Terms of Service

Use AI to fill out your Sheet

An animated GIF showing AI in Google Sheets auto-populating multiple rows in a spreadsheet with star ratings for restaurant reviews

You can see enhanced Smart Fill suggestions in two ways:

  • Once an edit has been made in the file.
  • Live suggestions: enhanced Smart Fill can appear while you're doing manual text entry. It appears as soon as Sheets sees it has a prediction available.
Note: The outline indicates the range Sheets can predict and you can hover over the icon to see the fill suggestions.

When you see enhanced Smart Fill suggestions, you can:

  1. Accept the suggestion by clicking the suggestion bubble.
  2. Reject the suggestion by clicking the cancel icon on the expanded suggestion pill to reject that suggestion for the range.

Example use cases of enhanced Smart Fill:

  • Categorize feedback by theme
  • Organize news article by topic
  • Convert address data to consistent format
  • Extract phone numbers from text fields

Give feedback on generated suggestions

Gemini for Google Workspace is constantly learning and may not be able to support your request.

If you get a suggestion that’s inaccurate or that you feel is unsafe, you can let us know by submitting feedback. Your feedback can help improve AI-assisted Workspace features and broader Google efforts in AI.

To submit feedback:

  1. Click the three dot menu in any suggestion.
  2. Click Send feedback to send feedback.

To provide general feedback on this feature, at the top, go to Help and then Help Sheets improve.

To report a legal issue, create a request or go to Send feedback and then Report an issue or Suggest an idea and then click Legal Help at the bottom of the sidebar.

Turn off enhanced Smart Fill

Turn off from cell

  1. Click the three dot menu in any suggestion.
  2. Uncheck Enable enhanced Smart Fill suggestions.

Turn off from menu

  1. Select Tools and then Suggestion controls.
  2. Uncheck Enable enhanced Smart Fill suggestions.

To turn on enhanced smart fill again after turning it off, follow the same path and check Enable enhanced Smart Fill suggestions.


  • Once turned off, all active suggestions (and all other suggestions) that are not accepted or rejected will be removed from all your sheets.
  • Turning off enhanced Smart Fill will not opt you out of receiving Smart Fill suggestions. You can use Smart Fill for tasks like extracting the first name from a given list of full names or finding values in a range or table. Learn more about Smart Fill here if you wish to opt-out of those suggestions.

You can also turn off enhanced Smart Fill suggestions by existing the Labs program. If you exit, you will permanently lose access to all Labs program features, and you won’t be able to rejoin the Labs program. Learn more about how to exit Labs in Google Workspace.


  • Enhanced Smart Fill can only detect and support English values.
  • To trigger enhanced Smart Fill detection, a table must have at least 3 example rows with 2 distinct column values to be filled with suggested values.
  • Enhanced Smart Fill can only be triggered on text columns. It will not run on numeric and date columns.

Learn about Workspace Labs feature suggestions

  • Workspace Labs feature suggestions don’t represent Google’s views, and should not be attributed to Google.
  • Don’t rely on Workspace Labs features as medical, legal, financial or other professional advice.
  • Workspace Labs features may suggest inaccurate or inappropriate information. Your feedback makes Workspace Labs more helpful and safe.
  • Don’t include personal, confidential, or sensitive information in your prompts.
  • Google uses Workspace Labs data and metrics to provide, improve, and develop products, services, and machine learning technologies across Google.
  • Your Workspace Labs Data may also be read, rated, annotated, and reviewed by human reviewers. Importantly, where Google uses Google-selected input (as described in the Privacy Notice) to generate output, Google will aggregate and/or pseudonymize that content and resulting output before it is viewed by human reviewers, unless it is specifically provided as part of your feedback to Google.

You can review the Google Workspace Labs Privacy Notice and Terms for Personal Accounts.

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