Control Slides presentations in Google Meet

 Controlling Slides in Google Meet is only available for eligible work or school accounts, and you're not currently signed in. Learn more about work or school accounts.

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If you’re using Google Meet on an eligible work or school account, you can control Google Slides presentations from within a Google Meet video meeting.

Important: To control a Google Slides presentation from a Google Meet video meeting, you must use a computer with a Chrome browser.

  1. In a Chrome tab or window, open the Slides file you want to present.
  2. In a different Chrome window, open Google Meet and join a video meeting.
  3. At the bottom of the meeting screen, click Present now and then A Tab.
  4. Select the tab with the Slides presentation, then click Share.
  5. In Google Meet, at the bottom right of the screen, click Start slideshow.
    • Important: You can only control a presentation in Google Meet when you're in slideshow mode.
  6. The control panel at the bottom right lets you:
    • Click to the next or previous slide with the arrow buttons.
    • Jump to a specific slide by clicking the slide number, and choosing from the list of slides.
    • End the slideshow by clicking Exit slideshow .
    • Open a panel for speaker notes in the Google Meet video meeting by clicking Show speaker notes Speaker notes. If you have speaker notes open, you can click Hide speaker notes Speaker notes.
    • Open links or play media embedded in the presentation.
      • After you click Slides media and hyperlink controls Play, a list of the links and media for the current slide will appear.
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