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Creating and editing pivot table reports

How to create a pivot table report

To create a pivot table report from data in your spreadsheet, follow these steps:

  1. Open the spreadsheet that contains the data you'd like to use for your pivot table.
  2. From the Data menu, select Pivot table report.
  3. A new sheet named "Pivot Table 1" opens in your spreadsheet with the Report Editor open to the right. This sheet contains an empty pivot table report.
  4. In the Report Editor, select the fields you'd like to appear in the Rows, Columns, Values, or Filter categories of your pivot table report.
    • Note: You can't add the same field to multiple categories of your pivot table report, as it would create duplicate calculations in the table.
  5. To change how data is arranged in the table, you can drag fields to a different category. Click the X in the top right of a field to remove it from your pivot table report.

Pivot table reports have built-in settings to make it easier for you to analyze your data and to prevent you from breaking the pivot table report:

  • The pivot table report will automatically add the values of each row and column into a grand total. Grand total summaries will appear at the right and to the bottom of your pivot table report.
  • You can't edit cell values by manually typing new values or by changing formulas in the pivot table report. Doing so would break the connection between the pivot table report and your original data set.

If you've created a pivot table in Microsoft Excel in the past, you can upload that spreadsheet to Google spreadsheets. This allows you to continue to analyze your data using Google Docs no matter where you're signed in. To upload a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that contains a pivot table, click the File menu, and select Import... Select from the import options, and click the Import button.

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