Format text and objects

Format, resize, or move objects on a slide

Google presentations gives you many ways to format text and objects on a slide. To get started, click the object you want to format, resize, or move.

  • To add custom formatting to text or an object, you can use the Format menu or the toolbar above the slide editing space.


  • To resize an object, click one of the resize handles surrounding it. Then, drag the box inward or outward until you’re happy with the size. You can preserve the object’s height or width by holding Shift while resizing the object.

    diamond tool

  • To move an object, drag-and-drop it to another place on the slide.
  • To turn on vertical and horizontal dragging guides, hold the Shift key while dragging an object.
  • To nudge an object in one pixel increments, hold the Shift key while moving an object with the arrow keys.
  • To preserve an object's aspect ratio while resizing, hold the Shift key while resizing an object.
  • To rotate an object 15 degrees at a time, hold the Shift key, click the small circle above an object, and drag your mouse clockwise or counter-clockwise.

You can also adjust the dimensions and alignment of an object. Select an object, then click the small yellow diamond in the middle. Dragging this diamond lets you edit the dimensions and proportions of the object. You can also click the circle connected to the top of the object to rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise.

Modify multiple objects at once

To select multiple objects, hold the Shift key while selecting each object or drag your mouse over all of the objects you'd like to select. To deselect one or more objects, press the Shift key and click the object(s). Multi-shape formatting only applies to objects in the new presentations editor.

You can perform the following actions on all selected objects:

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