Paint format tool in Google Drawings

Google Drawings lets you copy the formatting you’ve applied to specific object to another object using the Paint Format tool. If you’re familiar with the Paint Format tool in Google spreadsheets, this works in a similar manner.

With the Paint Format tool, you can copy a shape or object’s background and line style. With a text box, you can use the Paint Format tool to replicate the text formatting.

To paint a format to a specific shape, line, or text box, follow these steps:

  1. Select the source object from which you’d like to copy the formatting.
  2. source object

  3. Next, select the Paint Format icon from the Drawings toolbar. After you’ve pressed the icon button, your drawing will remain in Paint Format mode until you click the icon button again or finish copying over an object’s formatting.
  4. toolbar icon

  5. Last, select the target object, and notice the formatting adjust to match the source object.
  6. target object

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