Revision history

Every time you sync up to Google Docs, a new revision of your doc is created. Google Cloud Connect tracks and manages all of these revisions, so you can access an older version of your document at any time.

How to recover an old version of your docs

  1. Click the document settings icon.

    document settings

  2. Select See revision history. A revision panel will opens in the right column.

    revision history

  3. Click a timestamp to open a new document that is a copy of that revision.
  4. If you’d like to revert to the version you're viewing, select Make this the latest version.

Note: This will not overwrite any versions already in the version history -- it simply copies that document to the top of the revision history and creates the next revision in the history. Make this the latest version will also replace your local copy of the document so that you can continue editing from that version. Any changes that weren't synced will be lost.

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