Add footnotes to a document

To insert footnotes in your document, follow these steps:

  1. In the place you want to insert a footnote, click the Insert menu and select Footnote.
  2. Type your footnote in the document margin. When you're finished, click back into the body of your document.

Footnotes appear in the document margin on your screen, and at the bottom of the page when printed. If you'd like to see how the footnotes will look when printed, go to the File menu, and select Print. Or, you can go to the File menu, and select Download file as... > PDF.

To delete a footnote, delete the footnote from the body of the document, and this will delete all content for that footnote.

When you download a document, footnotes will appear at the bottom of the page.

Note that when you make a copy of a document, footnotes will be copied as well. If you copy and paste text that contains a footnote, however, the footnote may not be copied and pasted by default. To ensure that you are copying and pasting text as well as the associated footnote, be sure to use our web clipboard. When pasting the content into another document, you'll notice that the footnote content is displayed in the list of web clipboard items with a hashtag. Select that entry and select Paste as rich text.

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