Add footnotes to a document

To insert footnotes in your document:

  1. Open a document.
  2. In the place you want to insert a footnote, select the Insert menu > Footnote.
  3. Type your footnote in the margin of the document. When you're finished, click back into the body of your document.

Note: When you make a copy of a document, footnotes will be copied as well. But, if you copy and paste text that contains a footnote, the footnote may not be copied. To make sure that the footnote is carried over, use the web clipboard when copying and pasting the text.

Delete a footnote

To delete a footnote, delete the footnote from the body of the document, and this will delete all content for that footnote.

See your footnotes on mobile

While you can't add footnotes on a mobile device, you can see them, along with a number of other layout options, on phones and tablets.

  1. In the Docs app, open a file.
  2. Touch the More icon .
  3. Next to "Print layout," toggle from Off to On.
  4. You can now see your footnotes in the document. Toggle from On to Off to hide your footnotes.

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