UNIQUE function

Returns unique rows in the provided source range, discarding duplicates. Rows are returned in the order in which they first appear in the source range.

Parts of a UNIQUE function

UNIQUE(range, by_column, exactly_once)

Part Description


The data to filter by unique entries.


Whether to filter the data by columns or by rows. By default, this is false.


Whether to return only entries with no duplicates. By default, this is false.


  • If rows are returned which appear to be duplicates, ensure that cells including text do not have differing hidden text such as trailing spaces.
  • Ensure that numeric values are formatted in the same way - percentages as percentages, currency values as currency values, etc.


  Color 1 Color 2 Color 3
  Red Yellow Red
  Blue Magenta Blue
  Red Yellow Red
  Green White Green
Formula =UNIQUE(B2:D5)
Output Red Yellow Red
  Blue Magenta Blue
  Green White Green
Formula =UNIQUE(B2:D5, TRUE)


  Blue Magenta  
  Red Yellow  
  Green White  
Formula =UNIQUE(B2:D5, TRUE)
Output Blue Magenta Blue
  Green White Green

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