Printing your chart

To print your charts, you can either save it as an image or download your spreadsheet as a PDF document. Here's how:

Follow these steps to save your chart as an image:

  1. Click your chart to show the grey frame around it.
  2. Click the chart menu in the upper right of the frame.
  3. From the chart menu, select Save Image.
  4. Open your saved image from your downloads folder.

Alternatively, you can download your spreadsheet as a PDF. This will include your chart, as well as the data in your spreadsheet.

  1. From the File menu of your spreadsheet, select Download as > PDF.
  2. Specify the customization options you'd like for your PDF, such as the selection you'd like to print and the layout of the page you print to.
  3. Click Export, and a PDF file containing your spreadsheet will be downloaded.

Once you've saved your image or downloaded it as a PDF, you'll be able to print your chart using Ctrl + P on a PC or Cmd + P on a Mac.

At this time, we don't support the ability to save an image of or download a PDF containing an annotated timeline or motion chart.

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