Motion chart

A motion chart is a dynamic chart that shows information about several indicators over time. Based on the data in your spreadsheet, you'll be able to mix-and-match data categories and create a variety of motion graphics within a single chart.

Data format

The first column in your spreadsheet should contain the entity names that you want to track in the motion chart. The second column needs to include date values, either in year, month/day/year, week number or quarter format. All subsequent columns can contain either numeric or text data. Text data, for example, could be an indicator of the weather for a given day -- "cloudy", "raining", or "clear" -- or the name of the current CEO for corporate data.) Columns that display numeric data will be available in the X, Y, Color and Size axes of the motion chart, while columns containing text will only appear in the drop-down menu for Color.

motion chart data

motion chart

Learn how to customize your chart.

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