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December 2018

Creative updates

Backup images are now optional

Since backup images serve so rarely, we've made them optional to save you time. You no longer need to upload a backup image for HTML5 or data-driven creatives. Learn more

Third-party measurement for native ads

Display & Video 360 now supports third-party measurement for native ads. Add a JavaScript tracking URL (from ComScore, DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, or Moat) to your native creative to measure viewability, fraud, brand safety, and more on supported exchanges. Learn more

When you push creative updates directly from Google Web Designer, your changes will create a new draft, ensuring you won't accidentally update a serving creative without first explicitly publishing your changes within Display & Video 360.

Preview real publisher designs for native video ads

For a clearer picture of what your native video ad will look like in different publisher apps and pages, you can now preview your ad in a range of real publisher designs. You can also preview your ad individually on sample publisher pages. Learn more

Flexible copy length for native ads

In the past, Display & Video 360 required only the short versions of headline and body text for native ads (25 and 90 characters, respectively). Longer versions were optional (50 and 150 characters, respectively). To better meet your needs, you can now use either the short or the long version of each. However, for maximum reach, we still recommend using both long and short versions.

Select a target country for app install ads

To better support apps that are restricted to specific countries, you can now select a country when you create an app install creative. Learn more

Optimized creative rotation for video line items

Advertisers can now use Google’s machine intelligence to choose the best performing video to send to their programmatic auctions or guaranteed deals. Learn more

Insights updates

New Refund metrics

The following new metrics are available in offline reporting:

Inventory updates

For the latest information on inventory sources in Display & Video 360 see Supported display exchanges, Supported native exchanges, and Supported audio & video exchanges.

November 2018

Campaign and workflow updates

Intelligence panel now includes optimization suggestions

When available, the Intelligence panel can now show you the following types of suggestions:

  • Bid decrease suggestions
  • Bid multiplier suggestions for sites
  • Budget reallocation
  • Exclusion suggestions for sites

Learn more

New quality hub

You can now view and edit brand quality settings for your advertiser in one centralized location. Learn more

Reach viewers with skippable in-stream ads optimized for efficient impressions with TrueView for reach

TrueView for reach line items help you reach viewers on YouTube and across the web with skippable in-stream ads optimized for efficient impressions. Compared to standard in-stream ads, TrueView for reach ads are optimized to deliver even more impressions at lower CPMs and to drive greater reach or higher frequency based on your line item settings. Learn more

Set bid modifiers for TrueView line items served on connected TV

You can now specifically target ads to TV screens with the new connected TV bid adjustment for TrueView line items. Use this setting to manage your bids for this device type and receive full reporting metrics for ads that ran on connected TVs. This category of bid adjustment includes smart TVs, connected devices, gaming consoles, and set-top-boxes. Learn more

Audiences updates

Phone number and physical address for Customer Match

You can now use phone numbers and home/mailing addresses for Customer Match. This allows advertisers to use third-parties to find their customers’ email addresses based on their phone number or mailing/home address, and then upload these emails to Display & Video 360 as Customer Match lists. Enabling advertisers to dramatically expand list sizes and match rates. Learn more

Creative updates

Google Web Designer 5.0

A new version of Google Web Designer is now available. Highlights include:

  • AMPHTML creative authoring for Display & Video 360
  • Improved preview experience for dynamic and responsive creatives
  • New sample data library and improvements to dynamic bindings workflow
  • Push creatives & creative updates directly to your Display & Video 360 advertiser
  • Ruler guides

Bulk edit creative assignments

Change creative assignments for multiple line items at the same time. Select the line items you want to edit, then select Action > Creative assignment. Learn more

Draft mode for HTML5 creatives

Creative teams can now save HTML5 creatives as drafts to allow time to get sign-off from clients or for long-term construction. Draft versions of creatives cannot be assigned to line items, so you can be sure they won't accidentally go live before they're client-approved and ready. You can also create a draft version of a published creative to safely make edits without affecting the live creative. When your draft is ready to go, publish it to make it available for your media and trafficking teams to assign.

When you push creative updates directly from Google Web Designer, your changes will create a new draft, ensuring you won't accidentally update a serving creative without first explicitly publishing your changes within Display & Video 360.

Flipbook and Parallax formats are now in open beta

Flipbook and Parallax formats are now widely available for all Display & Video 360 customers!

  • To build Flipbook creatives, select the format from the Format Gallery within Display & Video 360’s Creative section.
  • To build Parallax creatives, download Google Web Designer, then start from one of three available templates, or build from scratch using the Parallax component. When your creatives are complete, you can publish them directly to Display & Video 360 or upload them to the Ad Canvas.

Insights updates

Create dashboards

You can now create dashboards in reporting. Dashboards are customizable views comprised of instant reporting charts and tables. They are useful for comparing multiple instant reports, and for presenting data in a visual format. Learn more

Inventory updates

Recommendations in Marketplace

The Display & Video 360 Marketplace now highlights sets of recommended publishers, deals, and packages. Recommendations were previously only sent to buyers through emails, newsletters, meetings, and etc. By including these recommendations directly in the Marketplace, buyers can view and execute on deals in one place. Learn more

Inventory updates

The following exchanges are now supported:

  • AdsWizz - Audio exchange

For the latest information on inventory sources in Display & Video 360 see Supported display exchanges, Supported native exchanges, and Supported audio & video exchanges.

October 2018

Campaign and workflow updates

Targeting recommendations available in the Intelligence panel and line item targeting

Display & Video 360 can recommend targeting for your line items based on your campaigns' goals, KPIs, landing pages, and keywords. When available, targeting recommendations will be shown in the Intelligence panel or when editing line item targeting.

Updates to Quality view

The quality view is now available at the insertion order level and includes information about pre-bid invalid traffic filtering. Learn more

Political affiliation in personalized ads

To run personalized ads based on political affiliation, Google requires that you apply for verification. Google requires the same verification process for advertisers who want to run election ads in the United States. If you’ve already been verified to run election ads in the United States you don’t need to apply again. Learn more

Audiences updates

New Light TV affinity lists

The Light TV Viewers affinity is now available for targeting. Light TV Viewers typically watch less than one hour of broadcast or cable TV per day and tend to no longer be paying for cable or satellite TV services. Learn more

Insights updates

Report on native asset combinations

There's a new reporting dimension available for reports that include native creatives: Creative Asset. Add this dimension to get a list of asset combinations that served in native inventory along with performance data. Learn more

New dimension in TrueView report

Use the new Placement (All YouTube Channels) dimension to group data in your TrueView report by the YouTube channel where your ads can appear. Learn more

Inventory updates

Audio ads now available in Marketplace

Audio ads are a new creative type in Display & Video 360 that allow you to seamlessly execute audio campaigns programmatically. Use the Marketplace to discover and find publishers offering audio inventory. Learn more

Inventory updates

The following exchanges are now supported:

  • Nativo - Native video exchange
  • Five - Video exchange
  • Kargo - Display exchange

For the latest information on inventory sources in Display & Video 360, see Supported display exchanges, Supported audio & video exchanges, and Supported native exchanges.

September 2018

Campaign and workflow updates

Pixels are now Floodlight in Display & Video 360

What were once pixels in Display & Video 360 are now Floodlight Activities. Floodlight activities provide new functionality to Display & Video 360 users and a more consistent experience to Campaign Manager users. Learn more

New domain screenshots in Quality view

You can now click View all in the Brand safety column of the Quality view for a popup that gives more information (including screenshots for sensitive categories) about your content issues. Learn more

New Integral Ad Science segments supported

Display & Video 360 now supports two new categories of IAS segments: Gambling (Brand Safety) and Performance Viewability.

Vertical video supported for TrueView line items

Vertical videos will appear true to their intended dimension by adjusting the video player window in the YouTube app when a device is held vertically. Vertical videos are supported for all TrueView and bumper formats except for TrueView for action.

Audiences updates

Partner-level audience management now available

With partner-level audience management in Display & Video 360, you can manage, build, and analyze audiences across all of your advertisers. While audiences from the partner level are automatically shared to the advertisers within it, an account link is required to share lists from the advertisers within the partner to the partner itself. Learn more

Detailed demographics available for TrueView

Reach audiences based on their long term status such as parenting stages, marital status, homeownership status, education, or employment. Learn more

Creatives updates

Creative optimization available for video line items

When you assign more than one video creative to a line item, you can now choose how to optimize between the available creatives to fill an impression. Learn more

Full video metrics available for native video

You can now see the full range of video metrics (including views and quartiles) in reports on native video creatives and in performance charts.

Insights updates

Unique reach reports updated

Unique reach reports are no longer in beta. They’ve been updated to include more historical data, and provide insight into when there isn’t enough data for an accurate model. Learn more

Inventory updates

Improvements to the negotiations workflow

The negotiations workflow has been updated. You can now create a single request for proposal (RFP) to send to multiple publishers at once directly from the Marketplace. You can also do this from the Negotiations menu as well (note that you will need to manually enter each seller’s name and email address). Learn more

Inventory updates

The following exchanges are now supported:

  • TuneIn - Audio

For the latest information on inventory sources in Display & Video 360, see Supported display exchanges, Supported audio & video exchanges, and Supported native exchanges.

August 2018

Campaign and workflow updates

New targeting exclusion and bidding suggestions available in the Optimization view

The Optimization view now features new suggestions to help you hit your line item performance goals:

  • Suggested bid price and suggested bid multipliers: See suggestions for how to optimally adjust your line item’s bid to maximize performance.
  • Targeting exclusions: See suggestions for underperforming inventory to exclude from your line item’s targeting settings.

Learn more

Receive certification for advertising addiction services in the United States

Advertisers can now apply for certification to serve content related to drug and alcohol addiction services in the United States. Before applying for certification with Display & Video 360, advertisers must be certified as an addiction services provider by the LegitScript Certification program. All addiction services content must abide by Google Ads’ Healthcare and medicine policy. Learn more about the policies and how to apply for certification.

Audiences updates

New segments for life events added to targeting for TrueView ad groups

You can now reach audiences when purchase behaviors shift and brand preferences change during the following key life milestones:

  • Purchasing a home
  • Renovating a home
  • Starting a new job
  • Starting a business
  • Adding a cat to the household
  • Adding a dog to the household
  • Retirement

Creatives updates

Native ads now support OBA compliance

Native exchanges can now indicate they support Online Behavioral Ads (OBA) compliance, allowing us to send a Google ads privacy URL in bid requests. This means exchanges can automatically insert an AdChoices icon over native ads, providing consumers with tools that allow them to control how data is collected and used for ads based on their interests.

Custom creative rotation for Tag Guaranteed deals

You can now apply creative weights to manually control how often one creative is shown versus another. This feature is currently only available for tag-based guaranteed reservations.

Insights updates

New Active View custom viewability metrics for video

You can now enable Active View custom viewability metrics for video inventory (excluding YouTube). These metrics count impressions as viewable based on the criteria that you set. Learn more

Inventory updates

The following exchanges are now supported:

  • Nativo - Native video

For the latest information on inventory sources in Display & Video 360, see Supported display exchanges, Supported audio & video exchanges, and Supported native exchanges.

July 2018

Introducing Google Marketing Platform and Display & Video 360

DoubleClick advertiser products are now part of Google Marketing Platform. You’ll see new Google Marketing Platform features linked from the new common product switcher. Learn more

As part of the launch of Google Marketing Platform, Bid Manager is now Display & Video 360. Learn more

Campaign and Workflow updates

New combined view of campaigns available

When viewing a campaign, you can select the "Combined" tab at the top of the page to see a summary view that combines all of the insertion orders, line items, and creatives in the campaign. This can make it easier to check that your campaign is set up the way you need it from one, single view.

See what matters most to you from the new overview page

The overview page puts the things you care about the most front and center when you open Display & Video 360, such as underperforming or underpacing insertion orders and any items you've recently viewed. Learn more

Take action on key campaign health alerts and optimization suggestions from the Intelligence panel

The Intelligence panel performs automatic analysis to provide recommendations for fixing campaigns and improving performance. Insights range from misconfiguration alerts to predictive optimization recommendations. The Intelligence panel reduces the time you need to spend investigating campaign issues, and provides information in an easily digestible format with actionable next steps. Learn more

Test ads with experiments

Use Display & Video 360's A/B testing framework to evaluate every dimension of your campaign. Learn more

New content categories in category exclusion targeting for TrueView line items

Content categories provide an extra layer of control over the inventory your TrueView ads show on by letting you opt out of categories of sensitive content that don’t align with your brand or the message of your campaign. Starting in August 2018, you’ll only be able to use the new content category settings to exclude sensitive content for TrueView line items. Learn more

Drive conversions and purchases with new TrueView for action and TrueView for shopping line items

Display & Video 360 now offers two new types of TrueView line items:

  • TrueView for action line items help you drive leads and conversions by adding prominent CTAs (calls-to-action) and headline text overlays to your TrueView in-stream ads. You can encourage customers to explore your product or service, share their contact information, and take other actions valuable to your business. Learn more
  • TrueView for shopping line items make your TrueView in-stream ads interactive by connecting viewers directly to your products and providing information that brings customers closer to making a purchase. TrueView for shopping uses the product data from your Google Merchant Center account to generate shopping cards that appear alongside your ads. Learn more

Reach audiences on the newest screen with support for connected TV devices

You’ll now see support for connected TV devices across Display & Video 360:

  • Device targeting now includes an option for a connected TV device type as well as individual makes and models. Learn more
  • Viewability targeting exempts connected TV devices, ensuring that you can bid on the majority of connected TV inventory. Learn more
  • The device type reporting dimension includes connected TVs so you can break out performance reporting on this device.

Audiences updates

Understand the composition of your audience with audience profile analysis

Use audience profile analysis to learn about the composition of your selected audience based on its overlap with all other audiences in Display & Video 360 (e.g. Google data, Partner data, and other datasets you have access to). You can then discover similar audiences with the right amount of user overlap and unique users for you to extend the reach of your campaigns. Learn more

Create audiences based on campaign activities with activity-based audiences

Create an audience based on campaign activity in Display & Video 360. You can then target the new audience list in multiple line items. Learn more

Set frequency caps across audiences based on impression exposures

Create an audience by excluding users based on the number of impressions they were served. You can then target the new audience list in multiple line items. Learn more

Use Custom Intent audiences with TrueView campaigns

Custom Intent audiences allow you to go beyond Display & Video 360's predefined In-Market categories and use your own keywords, URLs (websites), and apps to reach specific people as they are making a purchase decision related to your product or service. For TrueView line items, you can use Custom Intent to create an audience of users who have searched for certain terms on Google. Learn more

Creatives updates

Add creative users in Display & Video 360

Your entire creative team can now collaborate with your media teams within Display & Video 360. Get started by inviting your creative lead and assigning them a creative admin user role. Learn more

Discover new innovative formats, test them on Ad Canvas, and browse Google Web Designer templates for custom solutions. Learn more

Build creatives with Ad Canvas

Ad Canvas is a visual editor you can use to build and edit creatives with a real-time preview. Learn more

Personalize your message with data-driven creatives

Build dynamic ads at scale using our new visual data-driven workflow. Create variations of your message that resonate with different audiences using Ad Canvas and set up rules to tailor your creative strategy. You can utilize one of our templated creatives or build custom formats in Google Web Designer. Learn more

Single and bulk tag wrapping available for video creatives

Add video verification using single and bulk tag wrapping for video creatives. Learn more

Insights updates

Quickly access reports with instant reporting

Instant reporting allows you to quickly access reports within Display & Video 360 without waiting for them to run and export. Learn more

Connect Display & Video 360 to Data Studio to create shareable data visualizations

Use the Display & Video 360 connector in Data Studio to pull Display & Video 360 data into shareable dashboards and data visualizations. Learn more about connecting Display & Video 360 with Data Studio in the Data Studio Help Center, and get started by using this template report.

Inventory updates

The following exchanges are now supported:

  • Permodo - Mobile app

For the latest information on inventory sources in Display & Video 360, see Supported display exchanges, Supported audio & video exchanges, and Supported native exchanges.

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