Appeal DV360 Account Suspension

Your account has been flagged for egregious violations and will remain blocked from serving any ads on Google's Display & Video 360 Platform until adequate measures have been taken to prevent future policy violations.

Submitting this form is required in order to start the Appeals process for your suspended account, so please carefully review the questions listed below and provide thorough responses before submitting your appeal for evaluation. 

Contact your Account Manager for updates on your appeal. For details around disapprovals and suspension, navigate to this Help Center hub. For information on Google's Abusive Experiences policy, please visit this article.

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Is this a Partner or an Advertiser Appeal? *
Were you able to investigate and confirm why they have been flagged?
What is your relation to the offending party?
Have you taken steps to ensure they can no longer access Display & Video 360?$0
Some account and system information will be sent to Google, and support calls and chats may be recorded. We will use this information to improve support quality and training, to help address technical issues, and to improve our products and services, subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Translation services may be used in chats and email.
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