Create a Connected TV insertion order

About Connected TV insertion orders

The Connected TV (CTV) insertion order offers a streamlined workflow tailored to buying digital TV inventory across screens. This insertion order type features options that are relevant for TV ads, with appropriate configurations selected by default.

Compare Connected TV insertion orders with real-time bidding insertion orders

 Use the chart below to help you determine which insertion order type is right based on your needs:

  Real-time bidding  Connected TV 
Suggested video buying options Desktop and mobile digital video content TV and over-the-top content on connected TV devices
Line item types for video
  • Video
  • YouTube & partners
  • Connected TV (over-the-top streaming)
  • YouTube & partners on CTV
Performance goal Multiple, including CPM, CPC, and CPA
  • CTV line items: CPM only
  • YouTube & partners on CTV:  tCPM and CPV

Set at line item level

Set at line item level

Targeting All options available

Pre-selected options for the following targeting settings:

  • Apps & URL
  • Position
  • Video
  • Device

The following settings are not available:

  • Keywords
  • Position on screen
  • User rewarded content
  • Browser
  • Connection speed
  • Carrier & ISP

Create a Connected TV insertion order

  1. Open your advertiser in Display & Video 360

  2. In the left menu, click Campaigns, then select an existing campaign or create a new one.

  3. Click New insertion order.
  4. Click Connected TV .

  5. Enter a Name for your insertion order.

  6. Enter the following information for your insertion order:
    • Budget information, including start and end dates.
    • Pacing settings.
    • Choose your insertion order's performance goal and optimization settings. Billable outcome is set as Impressions by default.
    • Set an insertion order level frequency cap
    • Pick the inventory source you want to buy from. 
    • The pre-selected targeting reflects digital TV inventory. This targeting will be used as default targeting for any new line items you create within your insertion order:
      • Apps & URLs: (Optional) Include the over-the-top publishers collection to target publishers that serve in-stream video inventory on connected TV devices.

        Inventory from the over-the-top publishers collection

        This collection includes all in-stream video inventory from any publisher that serves in-stream video inventory on connected TV devices. That means that if the content on connected TVs can be viewed on other devices, it's included in your targeting. For example, you can buy video ads from Disney Media Networks across connected TV, laptops, smartphones, or tablets through this collection.

        The CTV insertion order excludes devices other than connected TVs by default with its pre-selected device targeting setting. You’ll only target connected TV inventory from this collection unless you update your device targeting settings. 

      • Position: All position-in-content options for video in-stream.

      • Video targeting: Large and HD video player sizes.

      • Device: Connected TV is included and all other device types are excluded.

    • (Optional) Click Add targeting for additional options.

  7. Click Create

You’re now ready to add Connected TV and YouTube & partners on Connected TV line items to this insertion order.


  • You can only create Connected TV and YouTube & partners on Connected TV line items in a Connected TV insertion order.
  • The following targeting settings aren’t available for Connected TV insertion orders:
    • Keywords
    • Position on-screen
    • User Rewarded Content
    • Browser
    • Connection speed
    • Carrier & ISP

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