Event history

Click the History tab from the left menu under a given entity to see a history of changes by user. History is available for your:

  • Partner
  • Advertiser
  • Campaign
  • Insertion Order
  • Line Item

Change descriptions

A change description can include the time, date, description of the change, and user that made the change.  You can click the dropdown arrow for a more detailed description.

  • Toggle Include local timezone to see the time of the change in your timezone.
  • Toggle Include system changes for a more detailed look of changes that were made by Display & Video 360 as opposed to an individual user. This can be useful for troubleshooting.
  • Click Download for a CSV file of the changes in your date range.

Date ranges

Event history is available for a variety of preselected and custom date ranges. For example you can enter custom time frames like 22 days up to today, or 138 days up to yesterday.

Performance Charts

The History tab includes performance charts. For example you can see Spend, or Impressions, compared to a given change history. You can hover over a given day for more specific details. This is not available in the partner view.



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