Outcome based buying

Change your billable outcome and pay for clicks instead of impressions

You can change the billable outcome of your campaign to increase its overall performance and simplify measurement. When you pay for an outcome other than impressions (like clicks), you'll spend less time analyzing metrics that aren't as important to you (like impressions). You'll also increase performance by not paying for impressions that don't lead to your preferred outcome. 

Here's how:

  1. Navigate to your partner  and then Advertiser configurations and then scroll to Outcome based buying to enable your partner or advertiser.

  2. Navigate to a new insertion order and then Insertion order details and then Goal and then 
    What goal would you like to focus on?
    1. Select CPA (cost per action) and enter an amount.
  3. Under Billable outcome and then What would you like to pay for?, choose a new outcome from the list.
    1. Insertion orders can't contain line items with different billable outcomes. Once an insertion order has been created with a given billable outcome, it can't be changed.

Billable outcome types


Pay for clicks instead of impressions. Keep in mind:

  • When you set a insertion order to pay for clicks, the campaign's data is shared with Google to optimize performance.
  • Click outcomes can only be used with display line items with CPA bidding strategies. You can set target bidding goals per line item. Remember to set your CPA accordingly. It should be higher now that you are paying for clicks instead of impressions.
  • In Display & Video 360 reporting, Post Click Conversions will equal Total Conversions (because conversions now only come from clicks). Post View Conversions will be zero.
  • In Campaign Manager 360 reporting, Post View Conversions will still be counted.

Data requirements

  • Click based outcomes require a minimum of 10 Post Click Conversions per insertion order per day, and two Post Click Conversions per line item per day.


Features that rely on impressions aren't supported when not paying for impressions, including: impression based budgets, non-invoiceable CPM fees, attribution models for impressions, and average CPM constraints.

The following creatives aren't supported:

  • Wrapped creatives
  • Creatives hosted outside of Display & Video 360 or Campaign Manager 360
  • HTML 5 creatives or creatives with appended HTML5
  • Custom creatives

The following also aren't supported:

  • Non-clickable ads (when paying for clicks), and other ads that don't follow our advertising policies
  • Video, YouTube, and native inventory
  • Deal inventory
  • Third party viewability targeting
  • Rich Media custom metrics in Campaign Manager 360
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