Consent Provider Solution (CPS) for GDPR

In November 2018, Display & Video 360 launched the Consented Provider Solution (CPS) to identify which ad technology providers European Economic Area (EEA) users have consented to use for ads personalization.

With the launch of the CPS, third-party exchange partners can send a list of ad technology providers that EEA users have consented to in individual bid requests. For Display & Video 360, this information is passed in the extension user.ext.consented_providers_settings.

Sample bid request

If a bid request were to contain consent for ads personalization from Google, Sizmek, and Oracle, the bid request would contain the following:

    { "consented_providers_settings":
      {"consented_providers" : [229, 314, 2778]

This is based on using the Google Ad Tech Providers list to look up the IDs of Google (229), Sizmek (314), and Oracle Data Cloud (2778).


  • CPS allows third-party exchange partners to pass user consent information by listing the ad technology provider ID in the bid request. The ID is defined in the Google Ad Tech Providers list.
  • The static vendor list which you might currently have in place will not be supported as of April 1, 2019.
  • Using CPS does not change third-party exchange partners' responsibility to comply with applicable law and policy. Our partners are responsible for determining how to comply with Google's EU User Consent Policy.
  • In order for personalized ads to be eligible to serve to users in the EEA, the following needs to apply:
    • Google must be listed in the consented_providers list
    • The bid request needs include regs.ext.gdpr=1 to indicate EEA traffic
    • The user.ext.consented_providers_settings.consented_providers field needs to be sent

You can learn more about how third-party exchange partners can pass user consent signals to Display & Video 360 via the IAB TCF v2.0 in this article.

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