Explore budget options

The explore budget options chart shows how a given metric might be affected if you change your insertion order budget proportionally across its line items.

This chart will estimate how revenue, impressions, clicks, or conversions might change, as you change your budget (proportionally).

Explore budget options chart screenshot


  • Current: The dashed red line in the chart shows a metric's performance for your current insertion order budget (including its line items). It doesn't rise for a given metric because it only represents one data point (your current budget). The line is extended to make comparison easier.
  • Proportional: The yellow line in the chart shows a metric's estimated performance as you adjust your budget proportionally across line items (which you can do from within this chart).

Apply new budget settings

  1. Click Explore to see suggested budget adjustment for this insertion order and its line items.
  2. Choose a budget adjustment, or create a custom one.
  3. Click Apply to accept the new budget (you will be asked to confirm).
  4. Or click Preview Line Items to see which line items are affected (you can then apply changes).
  5. Save Changes.

Expanded view of budget option exploration


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