Save and publish creative drafts

Building an interactive creative is often a collaborative effort between the creative agency, media agency, production teams, and the marketer. To make it easier for your teams to work in parallel, you can now save creatives as drafts. Draft creatives can't be assigned to a line item to serve, giving your team a chance to review and sign-off before the creative goes live.

About drafts

When you make a new creative with one of the formats below, it'll initially be saved as a draft. You can work on your draft creative over multiple sessions or share a preview with someone else to get sign-off. When the creative is ready, publish it so that it can be assigned to line items.

Using drafts is optional, so if you prefer, each time you make a new creative, you can immediately publish.

Why use drafts?

When you create a draft, you can share a creative preview link with anyone. This supports several different workflows:
  • Share a preview with the brand or client before it goes live.
  • Share a preview to get explicit approval from your media team.
  • If different members of your team handle creative upload and creative “sign off”, one person can upload, and the other can publish after it's been shared with and approved by your stakeholders. This allows you to define your own workflow and process.

Supported creative formats

  • HTML5
  • Flipbook
  • Lightbox
  • Blank Slate
  • Cue Cards
  • Panorama

Support for draft mode in more formats is coming soon.

The workflow described in this article applies to Flipbook and Lightbox creatives, but there are differences in the workflow for HTML5 and data-driven creatives. If you're working with these creative types, see the article specific to that format:

Save a creative as a draft

When you make a new creative and want to save it as a draft, click Save draft.

Publish a creative draft

When you're ready to publish a creative, click Publish.

After you publish, the creative will be eligible for assignment to a line item. Similar to any other creative, if the creative is assigned to an active line item, the creative review process begins.

Edit a published creative

When you edit a creative, the published version will continue to serve if it was already approved, and your changes will be saved as a new draft. When you publish the new draft, the creative review process will restart and the creative will be paused until it's approved for serving.

Create a draft version, then publish when ready

  1. Click Create draft.
  2. Make changes to your creative. To save your changes, click Save draft. A draft version is now saved, while the published creative is unaffected. If the published creative was already approved and serving, it'll continue to serve.
  3. When you're ready to replace the previously published creative, click Publish.

After you publish, the creative review process will restart, and your creative won't be able to serve until it's reviewed and has a Display & Video 360 status of either “Pending, servable” or “Approved, servable”.

Some changes require a new creative

You'll need to make a new creative instead of creating a draft if you want to change any of the following:
  • Creative dimensions
  • Creative format
  • Rich media events (counters, exits, and timers)

View and edit published and draft versions

After you've published a creative and you create a draft to make changes, you can switch between the two versions and make changes to either one.

Switch between draft and published

  1. To switch between versions, next to the creative name at the top, find the Draft or Published drop-down.
  2. Select either Draft or Published to view that version.

Edit the draft

When you create a draft for a creative that's been published, you can only make changes in the Ad Canvas and Dynamic Rules tabs. The Details tab is marked read-only.

  • To make changes in the Ad Canvas and Dynamic Rules tabs, first make sure you're viewing the draft version, make changes, then click Save draft.
  • To make changes in the Details tab, switch to the published version.

Edit the published creative

After you publish a creative, the Ad Canvas and Dynamic Rules tab (for data-driven creatives only) are marked read-only. There's no draft mode for the Details tab. All changes you make and save in the Details tab are immediately applied to the published creative, and will restart the creative review process.

  • To make changes in Ad Canvas or Dynamic Rules, switch to the draft version or create a draft.
  • To make changes in the Details tab, first make sure you're viewing the published version, make changes, then click Save details.
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