Responsive data-driven creatives

A responsive creative is a single creative that can restyle its elements to suit many different sizes of ad inventory. Rather than creating a different creative for each inventory size, responsive creatives use CSS media rules to define how the content of your creative moves and scales to fit the available space.

There are 3 responsive data-driven formats available in Display & Video 360: Cuecard, Blank Slate, and Panorama. You can also create your own responsive data-driven creative format.

Note: If you want to use responsive creatives, but aren't interested in using data-driven formats, Display & Video 360 also supports responsive HTML5 creatives.

Make a new data-driven creative using a responsive format

  1. Open Display & Video 360.
  2. Go to your advertiser, then click Creative > Format Gallery.
  3. At the top, click the Display tab.
  4. Scroll down to the “Cuecard”, “Blank Slate”, or “Panorama” format.
  5. Click Create.

You're taken to Ad Canvas, where you'll see 10 differently sized previews side-by-side in the live preview. These sizes are the most commonly available ad inventory sizes.

Choose placement sizes to serve in

For the most flexibility, we recommend building with all of the starting sizes. This will allow you to use the same creative in many placements while making sure your creative design looks just the way you want. However, if you know you only want to serve to a specific set of sizes, you can choose only the sizes you need.

  1. At the top of the page, click Creative details.
  2. In the 'Basic details' section, click Dimensions.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the set of sizes you want your creative to serve in.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Save the creative.

When you return to Ad Canvas, you'll see previews in the serving sizes you selected. Your creative will only be able to serve on inventory matching these sizes.

Important: Make sure to select the correct sizes before you publish. After you publish, you won't be able to add or remove serving sizes.

Add assets and content

You can design your creative in Gallery view Gallery view or List view List view. Choose the view you're most comfortable with. When you're working with a creative that supports many serving sizes and has more than one variant, you may find it easier to switch to List view.

Add assets in Gallery view

When you make a new responsive creative, all the sizes are selected for editing in Ad Canvas. To quickly start building your creative, leave all the sizes selected. Upload a logo or background image and add a headline, call to action, and other text. Every size of the preview updates as you add creative content.

Add assets in List view

To edit an asset that's used in all sizes of a variant while in List view List view, select the checkbox on the left side of the variant row. Move across each column of the row and add assets and content. All changes will apply to all sizes of the creative.

Edit a single size

Edit a single size in Gallery view

As you build your creative, you may find that a headline that works in one size isn't fitting well in a different size. You can edit the headline or any other asset for an individual size without changing the other sizes.

  1. In the live preview, hover over the preview of the size you want to edit. At the top left, click Select Select.
  2. The checkmark circle will turn blue, and a blue outline will appear around the selected size so that you know it's currently selected for editing.
  3. Edit the headline or asset. Only that size is updated in Ad Canvas.

To deselect a selected size, you can either click Select  on the top of the preview again, or click anywhere in the gray area outside the live preview.

Edit a single size in List view

When you open a responsive creative in List view , each variant is shown as a single, collapsed row. However, a responsive variant includes a row for each creative size. Expand the Dimensions column to view all rows and edit individual creative sizes for a variant.

  1. Find the Dimensions column, then click Expand . Additional rows will appear, one for each creative size.
  2. When expanded, you can edit an asset or set a value in the corresponding row to edit just that creative size.

Edit more than one size at once

When you're designing a responsive ad, it often helps to edit similarly-shaped sizes at the same time. Often you can use the same text and images in the square sizes, wide sizes, and tall sizes. To make this process simpler, use filters to show a specific set of placement sizes, then edit them together.

Edit multiple sizes in Gallery view

When filters are applied, you can only edit the sizes you can see in live preview, so there's no need to worry that you'll accidentally edit a different size that you're not currently viewing.
  1. In the action bar, click Filter. A filter and search box appears below.
  2. Click in the search box, then click Sizes.
  3. Select the sizes you want to preview and edit.

Note: When you have more than 1 variant and no filters are applied, you can only select sizes from the same variant for editing. To edit sizes in more than one variant at once, you must first apply a size filter.

Edit multiple sizes in List view

In List view, you can edit all sizes in a variant by collapsing the variant row. You can also edit individual rows by expanding the variant row. To edit only certain sizes or to edit the same size across variants, you must first apply a filter.

Edit more than one variant at once

To more easily edit content across multiple variants of your data-driven creative at the same time, filter by size. For example, maybe you need to swap in an updated background image that's used in only the 300 x 250 sizes across five variants. To do this, add a "Sizes" filter, and select 300 x 250. Once the filter is applied, you can edit the background image for all five variants at the same time.

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