Audiences overview

Understand your audience on a deeper level. Integrate and access your data to gain a more complete view of your customers, and connect your data with Google cross-device and intent signals to identify the most valuable audiences. The Audiences module is where you manage your audiences alongside your campaign. 

  • Create and manage audiences: Create different audiences from a collection of builders available in Display & Video 360. Some builders include: combining first- and third-party audience lists, YouTube users and customer data, and campaign activity.
  • Analyze and compare audiences: Learn about the composition of your audiences based on all available first-party, third-party, and Google data, then create new combined audiences across data sets. You can also set frequency caps across audiences based on impression exposures.
  • Target audiences: Target audiences by the media they consume online or by the products and services they're interested in. In addition, define and reach specific audiences as they are making a purchase decision related to your product or service.

About the Audiences module

There are several sections of the Audiences module that help you create, manage, and analyze your audiences.

All Audiences

The All Audiences tab is where you’ll create and manage audiences. Recently added audiences will appear in All Audiences within 4 hours, except for Combined Audiences which are available immediately.

From this tab you can create and edit audiences. You’ll see the name of your audience and details such as:

  • Type: The type of audience list.
  • Source: The source of the audience.
  • Size: How many users on your audience list could be reached in each type of media (Display, YouTube, Mobile app).

Custom Lists

Create custom lists, including custom affinity and custom intent, from this tab. Learn more


Complete a rich analysis of the composition of your audiences from this tab. You can also set frequency caps across audiences based on impression exposures. Learn more

User permissions within the audience module

"Read-only" users can only view audience lists for the partners or advertisers they've been given access to.

Some instances in which you may only have read-only access:

  • Audiences created by an advertiser will be shown has read-only at the partner level
  • Audiences created at the partner level will be shown as read-only on other advertiser levels (with the exception of: Audiences that are created from events, which are owned by the advertiser who owns the events)
  • Audiences shared through Google Ads - Display & Video 360 advertiser account linking will be read-only in the audience module


Learn more about audiences

The topics below explain the different audiences, how to use the builders and analysis tools, and custom list targeting in greater detail.

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