Report on data-driven creatives

If you're using data-driven creatives in your display campaigns, you can use the Standard report to compare the performance of each creative variant.

Step 1: Create a report

  1. Open the left menu, then click Insights .
  2. On the Reports page, click New report and then Standard, then choose a report type.
  3. To easily identify the report later, give it a distinctive name.
  4. Select the date range to report on.

Step 2: Add creative variants to your report

  1. In the report setup, find the Dimensions section, and click + add / remove.
  2. Scroll down and click General to expand the section.
  3. Select the following checkboxes:
    1. Variant ID:  The unique ID generated by Google for each of your variants.
    2. Variant Name:  The name of each variant in the Ad Canvas.
    3. Variant Version:  The version number of each variant. This version number is incremented on publish if any asset has been changed. 

      For example, on first publish all variants have a variant version of 1. Imagine that you make changes to 2 of your 10 variants (say variant A and variant B). You then save and publish those changes. Reports on these variants will now show a version of 2 after the publish time.
  4. Adjust any other desired report settings. While you can report on variants independently of the creative, you may want to also add Creative and Creative ID dimensions to your reports. Learn more about creating reports
  5. Save and run your report.
Make sure you choose meaningful variant names to help identify which creative message served in your reports.
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