Save and publish data-driven creatives

Building a data-driven creative is often a collaborative effort between the Creative Agency, Media Agency, Production teams, and the Marketer. To make it easier for teams to work in parallel and for brands, media, and production team to review and QA the creative before it is sent for trafficking, data-driven creatives have a draft and publish process that occurs before the creative can be assigned to an active line item.

About drafts

Data-driven creatives are initially saved as drafts and cannot be trafficked until they are explicitly published. Saving as a draft allows you to work on your creative over multiple sessions, either because different teams will be working on different parts of workflow or because creating and previewing multiple variants simply takes time. 

Draft versions of a creative cannot be assigned to line items for trafficking, so there's no need to worry that a creative that's still under development will be accidentally shown to a consumer. (Campaign managers will receive an error message if they attempt to assign a draft to a line item). 

Creative save and publish options

Save as a Draft

To save changes to your creative as a draft, click Save all. This will save any changes you've made in any tab of the creative (Ad Canvas, Dynamic Rules, and Details).

Discard changes

To close a creative without saving any changes, click Cancel. If you click Cancel without clicking Save all first, any changes you've made to in Ad Canvas, Dynamic Rules, or Details tabs will be lost.

Publish your changes

When you're ready to finalize your data-driven creative, click Publish all.

You can only click Publish all after:

  • At least one variant is assigned to every row in the dynamic feed
  • All required fields of the creative are set (including landing page URLs).

After you publish, the creative will be eligible for assignment to a line item. Similar to any other creative, assigning a data-driven creative to an active line item will begin the creative review process.

Edit a Published Creative

A critical part of the data-driven creative life-cycle is analyzing your creative’s performance, and updating the content or the strategies based on that feedback. 

When you edit a data-driven creative, the published version will continue to serve if it was already approved, and your changes will be saved as a new draft. When you publish a draft, the creative review process will restart and the creative will be paused until it's approved for serving.

Make edits in Ad Canvas and Dynamic Rules

When you edit assets in the Ad Canvas or add or edit rules in the Dynamic rules tab of a published creative, then click Save all, your changes will be saved, but not published. If the creative was previously published and approved, the old version will continue serving.

To overwrite the previous creative, click Publish all. This will pause the creative and restart the creative review process, The creative must be approved again before it can resume serving in line items it's assigned to.

Edit creative details

Creative details do not have a draft mode. This means any changes you make in the Details tab will be immediately pushed live when you click Save all.

Clicking Save all in the Details tab does not publish changes in the Ad Canvas and Dynamic rules tabs, meaning the media agency can manage the creative (for example appending an HTML tag) without affecting ongoing creative or production work.

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