Delete or pause an advertiser or partner

When you no longer need an advertiser, it can be paused or scheduled for deletion. A partner can be scheduled for deletion, but it cannot be paused.

Please download any data you want to keep prior to an advertiser or partner being scheduled for deletion.

Schedule an advertiser for deletion

  1. Navigate to the advertiser's Basic details page.
  2. Click Schedule for deletion.
  3. Click Save.

Schedule a partner for deletion

Please contact your Display & Video 360 representative if you need to schedule a partner for deletion. 

Activate an advertiser that’s scheduled for deletion

You can reactivate an advertiser during the 30-day window for scheduled deletion.

  1. Navigate to the advertiser's Basic details page.
  2. Change the Status dropdown from "Scheduled for deletion" to "Active."
  3. Click Save.

You will only be able to reactivate an advertiser if it is in an active partner.

Pause an advertiser

  1. Navigate to the advertiser's Basic details page.
  2. Change the Status dropdown to "Paused."
  3. Click Save.
To check if you have any paused advertisers scheduled for deletion, go to the list of your partner's advertisers and change the menu bar filter from "Active advertisers" to "Paused advertisers."


  • If you need to keep historical data for an advertiser or partner that is no longer used, change the advertiser’s or partner's status to "Paused." 
  • When an advertiser or partner is paused, no line items or deals will serve or spend. But Floodlight and audience lists still collect data, and reporting still maintains all historical data.
  • When an advertiser is scheduled for deletion, creatives in that advertiser will not be reviewed and may not serve if they're not approved.
  • 30 days after an advertiser or partner is scheduled for deletion, the following applies:
    • The advertiser or partner won't show up in Display & Video 360's UI.
    • The advertiser or partner can't be duplicated or reactivated.
    • Cookies associated with any audience lists the advertiser owns will be cleared. Additionally, no new cookies can be added to their audience lists.
  • Aggregated reporting data for deleted advertisers or partners will be available for 60 days after the advertiser or partner is deleted.
  • Accounts that are inactive for more than 2 years are set to Paused. To reactivate an account contact your account manager or support representative by following the instructions provided in Display & Video 360. 
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