Troubleshoot the GDPR's impact on creatives

Google's EU user consent policy requires end user consent to serve personalized ads in the European Economic Area (EEA). If an end user in the EEA has not consented to personalized ads, only non-personalized ads will be eligible to serve.

As of May 25, 2018, to serve ads to users in the EEA:

  • When buying programmatic ads on Display & Video 360:
    • End user consent is required for all ad technology providers associated with a creative for the creative to be eligible to serve.
    • Non-personalized ads can't include third-party pixels or any other calls to third-party ad technology providers or vendors. Creatives with calls to third-party ad servers, or creatives that include non-Google pixels or tag wrappers, will only be eligible for personalized traffic.
  • When buying tag reservations, including Campaign Manager tags, trackers, and Display & Video 360 tags, you must ensure that all necessary consents are collected from an end user by working directly with the publisher.

Reasons a creative can't serve in the EEA

  • Creative includes calls to an ad technology provider that does not currently appear in this list
  • Creative includes calls to a certified ad technology provider, but the domain is not certified (any domain that doesn't appear in the list of certified provider domains)
  • Inventory doesn't allow all of the ad technology providers in your creative
  • Creative is synced from a Campaign Manager placement that rotates ads with event tags from different ad technology providers

Find ad technology provider calls in a creative

To find which ad technology providers are included in a creative:

  1. Open a creative.
  2. Click Audit information to expand the panel.
  3. Click Creative and landing page review.
  4. In the feedback section, you'll see a list of detected ad technology providers.
  5. If unidentified ad technology providers are detected, their domains will be listed on a different line in the same section. If no domains are listed, the creative has not recently served. Resubmit it for approval to update it with the latest ad technology provider information.

Troubleshooting creatives synced from Campaign Manager placements

If your creative is affected by one of the Campaign Manager placement restrictions related to GDPR, you'll see a feedback message in Display & Video 360. Review recommendations below.

Feedback message: "Creative is synced from a Campaign Manager placement that rotates ads with event tags from different ad technology providers."

If rotating ads within the Campaign Manager placement are using event tags from the same ad technology provider, but with different event tags, this restriction still applies. The creative will only be eligible to serve in the EEA if the exact same event tags are used in all of the rotating ads.


  • Use the same event trackers from a single ad technology provider across all rotating ads within the placement
  • Assign this creative only to line items targeting non-EEA countries

Next steps

  • Review your existing creatives. To avoid campaign serving or measurement disruption in the EEA, review your use of third-party ad servers and pixels. If you aren't sure which ad technology providers you're using in your creative, compare the ad technology providers detected in Display & Video 360 with the providers reference, which includes provider names, privacy policy links, and a list of attributed domains.

    For maximum reach, you may need to work with your creative provider to update your creative.

  • Upload updated assets and save creatives. If you have removed an ad technology provider or made any other changes related to the ad technology providers used by a creative, save the creative to restart the creative review process.

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