Troubleshoot creatives with rejected calls using Chrome Developer Tools

Use this guide to troubleshoot creative rejections for network requests including:

  • Calls to Flash content (files with the extension .swf)
  • Fourth-party calls to unapproved vendors (any file loaded from a vendor that's not on the approved vendor list)
  • Non-secure calls (any file loaded from a URL that does not begin with https://)

How to find rejected calls

The troubleshooting steps may vary depending on creative type. Learn more below.

Display creatives

  1. For Malware and invalid fourth party calls: pull creative details using the REST API to see domains that have been flagged for rejection.

  2. For SSL: check the Creative Explorer to see any rejected calls.

  3. For invalid fourth-party calls or invalid video vendors: pull the creative details using the REST API to see domains that have been flagged for rejection.

Third-party VAST tags

  1. Open the creative in the Creative Explorer and copy the VAST tag URL.
  2. Paste the VAST tag URL in a browser window and check for the rejected calls.
  3. If you do not recognize the invalid calls, check if they're coming from other loaded resources in the VAST file. Learn how to see network requests in Chrome

How to fix the issue:

  • For SSL: either remove any non-SSL calls or make the call SSL-compliant.
  • for Malware and Flash: all calls need to be removed.
  • Invalid fourth-party calls: either remove any calls from the invalid vendor or work with your account representative to certify the technology. Currently we are only able to certify additional technology for already existing Ad technology providers.
  • You may need to work with vendor technology to ensure that they don't make unallowed calls.
  • Learn how to see network requests in Chrome to find rejected calls.
  • Learn how to use Chrome DevTools.

How to see network requests in Chrome

  1. Open Display & Video 360 in Chrome.
  2. Find and open the creative, then click Preview or Preview.
  3. Select the Chrome menuMoreat the top-right of your browser window, then click More Toolsand thenDeveloper Tools.
  4. In the Developer Tools panel that opens, click Network in the top menu.
  5. Click Filter Filter to open the filter box:
    Chrome Developer Tools with Network filters
  6. In the filter box, enter the domain name of the call rejected by Display & Video 360. You can find the rejected call in the creative's Creative status tab in the Display & Video 360 review feedback section.
  7. If there are network requests matching the rejected call, they'll appear below the filter box. Note: Each request in the panel shows a name that comes from the last part of the URL. Click or hover over the name of each call to see the full URL.​ You can also double-click a request to open the URL in a new browser tab.
  8. If no network requests match the rejected call, save the creative in Display & Video 360 to restart the creative review process. It's possible the call is no longer being made by third-party assets. Before you resubmit, make sure the creative is assigned to an active line item, otherwise the approval status will not update.
  9. If no network requests match the rejected call, resubmit the creative for approval in Authorized Buyers. It's possible that the call is no longer being made by third-party assets.

Using the REST API in Authorized Buyers

You can access the REST API programmatically or using a browser:

To access the REST API programmatically, you will need to build an application that will access the REST API. Learn how to access the REST API programmatically.

To access the REST API using a browser:

  1. Sign in to your Authorized Buyers account at
  2. Go to the REST API reference you need.
  3. Click Try it! on the right side.
  4. Enter the parameters and click Execute.
    • A successful response will show 200 and show any available information.
    • If the parameters were not specified, the results will show all creatives for the account you have access to.

For creative rejections, check the creative status in the dealsStatusFilter and openAuctionStatusFilter filters.

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