Guidelines for Lightbox creatives

The Google Ads policies for image ads and text ads generally apply to Lightbox ads. To ensure your ads are eligible to appear on the Google Display Network, you must also comply with Google Ads' Lightbox policies

Asset guidelines


  • Use a bright brand logo on a transparent background
  • Remove padding to make your logo appear larger
  • GIF, JPEG, or PNG files only
  • 50 x 50 px recommended (1024 x 1050 pixels maximum)
  • 200 KB maximum file size


  • 35 characters or less per line for best visibility
  • At least 2 lines; make each line unique
  • Make sure to preview the text on different placement sizes
  • Call to action: Be concise and encourage action

YouTube videos

  • Must be public
  • Recommended length: less than 4 minutes

Image gallery images

  • GIF, JPEG, or PNG files only
  • Use a 1.9:1 aspect ratio (1024 x 1050 pixels maximum)
  • 200 KB maximum file size
  • Captions show alongside your images; keep to less than 35 characters
  • Caption title should be concise. You can use the product name
  • Caption descriptions are for extra information and are visible in the expanded state
  • Customize your final URLs to direct users to the most relevant pages on your website


Learn how to create a Lightbox creative in Display & Video 360.
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