Use Integral Ad Science's campaign monitoring

If your advertiser uses Integral Ad Science (IAS) with Display & Video 360, you can enable IAS' campaign monitoring for individual creatives.

IAS campaign monitoring is only available for the following creative types:

  • Standard display
  • Expandable
  • Templated app install

Enable IAS campaign monitoring for creatives

  1. Start in your advertiser, then click Settings and then Basic Details in the left menu.

  2. Expand the Additional settings section.

  3. In the Third-party measurement services section,  make sure the Integral Ad Science Client ID field has your IAS client ID.

  4. Click Creatives in the left menu to navigate your advertiser's creatives. 

  5. In the list of creatives, select the creatives you'd like to enable IAS' campaign monitoring for, then click IAS Monitoring and thenEnable.

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