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Sharing first-party audience lists with other products

First-party audience lists are built using data you collect from your own apps, websites, and games. While the data is yours, Google only supports certain use cases for moving audience lists (or "segments") between our products. In addition, certain Google products include proprietary Google data; in such cases, moving a segment from one product to another might not be supported. For example, Google Ads remarketing lists can be shared with Display & Video 360 advertisers.

Although policy allows the sharing of segments between a variety of different products, technical limitations or product limitations prevent actual sharing between certain products at this time. For details, see How audience lists can be shared below.

What's allowed

  1. If the same company uses any two Google products, they are able to share their first-party segments between these products whenever technically possible. (An example of a technical limitation might be the inability to share a given identifier across products.) This includes sharing between Google Ad Manager, Google Ads, Display & Video 360, Campaign Manager, Google Analytics 360, and other products.
  2. A client can share first-party lists with an agent provided both companies are operating on the same side (the two sides being "buyer" and "seller") of the media transaction. An agency acting on behalf of an advertiser is the approved use case.
  3. Buyers and sellers may share first-party segments via a Google platform, only when express consent is provided for. 
  4. Companies not acting as the buyer or seller can license audience data via designated platforms.

How audience lists can be shared

Some examples can further clarify sharing rules:

From company From product To company To product Is sharing allowed?
Advertiser A Display & Video 360 Advertiser A (buyer) Display & Video 360 Yes (#1, #4)
Advertiser A Google Ads Advertiser A (buyer) Display & Video 360 Yes (#1)
Website A (child site of Publisher A) Google Ad Manager Website B (child site of Publisher A) Display & Video 360 Yes (#1)
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Publisher A (buyer) Campaign Manager Publisher B Authorized Buyers No (#3)
Publisher A (buyer) Display & Video 360 Publisher A Google Ad Manager Yes (#1)
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Advertiser A Google Analytics 360 Advertiser A Display & Video 360 Yes (#1)
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